Alrewas Tennis Club Alrewas Tennis Club Juniors

Founder Members

The following people joined Alrewas Tennis as founder members in 2015

Tim & Sue Aston

The Bayliss Family

Harry Birks

The Bradley Family

Mrs Sarah Capell

Dr Christopher J Capell

Miss Emily Capell

Miss Elizabeth Capell

Neil Cartwright

Jane Palfreman

Lucy Cartwright

Abigail Cartwright

Amber Cartwright

The Craddock Family

The De Giorgi Family

Elaine Dolman

David Garrett

Tracey Fletcher

The Franks Family

The Greig Family

David Groves

Alexander Hemming

Sarah Hemming

Isabella Hemming

The Hendon Family

Carol Henman

Deborah Holmes

The Horton Family

The Howl Family

Michael Johns

Mrs Samantha Johns

Mstr Ben Johns

David Jones and Family

Chris Kelly

Lynn Lerigo

The Liggins Family

The Lomas family

Emma Marticorena

Deborah McMullen

Ewan McMullen

Georgia McMullen

Martha McMullen

Suzanne Neal

The Nicklin Family

The Pallett Family

Robert Paul

The Pepperell Family

The Preston Family

Gareth Roberts

Ian Roberts

Shake Seigel

Mr Richard Shorthouse

Mrs Rachel Shorthouse

Emily Shorthouse

Charles Shorthouse

Louis Shorthouse

The Wagner Family

Wendy Walker

Sasivimon Ward

Miss Holly Ward

Master Justin Ward

The Watson Family

Paul Watts

Elizabeth Whitfield

The Wilkinson Family

The Williamson Family

The Wilmer Family


Honorary Members

Over the years leading up to the building of the courts, we were helped by a number of people who in various ways supported our efforts, and without whom the project could not have been completed.

At the official opening of the courts on 31st May 2015, these people were invested as Honorary Members in recognition of their particular contribution. They are:

  • County Councillor Janet Eagland
  • District Councillor Margaret Stanhope
  • Mr Chris Greenhalgh
  • Mr Ian Kirkland
  • Mr Richard Kirkland