Alrewas Tennis Club Alrewas Tennis Club Juniors

Rules & Policies

Alrewas Tennis aims to promote the playing of tennis in an enjoyable, inclusive and safe environment.

We operate under a set of Rules and Policies designed to support these aims.

Our Rules and Policies are listed below.


The principal rules are:

  1. All members of Alrewas Tennis must adhere to the Club Rules and Policies.
  2. Only members or guests of Alrewas Tennis are allowed to use the facilities; non-members may play as guests only if they are accompanied by a club member.
  3. Courts must be booked by a member using the online booking system prior to play.
  4. The courts may only be used for the purposes of playing tennis and must be left clean and tidy when leaving.
  5. Members must behave with respect and courtesy to other members, visitors and local residents while on court or going to and from the courts.


Click Here to download a full version of Alrewas Tennis Rules.