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Register for Junior Coaching

Please complete this form if your child has been confirmed as attending one of our Tennis Camps, and has not previosuly been registered with us.

Date of Birth*
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I confirm that I have parental responsibility for the above named Junior and wish to register them for coaching at Alrewas Tennis Club.

Information for parents

Why register for coaching?

As part of our Safeguarding policy, and to comply with LTA best practise, we now register all Junior Members who attend our coaching sessions.

This enables us to ensure that we have parental consent to provide coaching, and that we are aware of any relevant medical conditions.

It also ensures we have immediate access to emergency contact information should the need arise.

Any information provided will only be used for the purposes of providing Junior Coaching. Alrewas Tennis Club will never pass personal details on to third parties other than for purposes directly associated with this activity (eg LTA coaches running the sessions).

You can register in advance to save time when your child first attends a coaching session. Any unregistered juniors will be registered the first time they attend.

Safe and Inclusive Tennis

Alrewas Tennis Club aims to promote the playing of tennis in an enjoyable, inclusive and safe environment.

This is reflected in our Tennismark accreditation which the LTA awards to clubs following their best practise guidelines.

Our Rules and Policies are available elsewhere on this website. Click Here to view these.