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Alrewas Tennis Club Mixed Singles Ladder 

Our mixed gender ladder is for all abilities with players self-declaring their starting tier on the ladder (novice, intermediate or advanced). Players then move up or down the ladder based on their match results, with the top four male and female players meeting in their respective playoffs in a finals day.



30th April - entry closing date
5th May – rankings shared with players
8th May – ladder opens
13th August – ladder closes
19th August – ladder playoffs


Players are ranked in two parts. Firstly they self-declare their starting tier on the ladder – either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Once all entries have been submitted, all players in the Beginner category shall be drawn out of a hat for their ranking within that category. The same for Intermediate and Advanced categories. The highest ranked Beginner shall be ranked one place below the lowest ranked Intermediate in the overall ladder. The highest ranked Intermediate shall be ranked one place below the lowest ranked Advanced. There are no barriers between the categories when moving up and down the ladder, e.g. a Beginner could easily find themselves towards the top of the ladder after winning matches.



Challenging and match play rules

Ladder positions are ultimately determined by players moving up or down on the ladder based on their match results.

1.     A player may challenge another player up to two places higher than their position on the ladder.

2.     A challenge cannot be rejected without good reason e.g. holiday, illness.

3.     It is the responsibility of the challenger to book a court.

4.     If a player does not play a match for a month without good reason, then they are moved two places down the ladder.

5.     If a challenger loses a match, they are not entitled to challenge the same player again for at least one week.

6.     The winner of the match reports the score to the ladder admin

7.     Standard tennis match play rules apply

8.     A minimum of best of one set to be completed but players can agree to play best of three or five sets – this must be agreed in advance