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Annual Membership Payment

This page contains instructions for paying for or renewing your Annual Membership of Alrewas Tennis Club. You should only make this payment if you have registered for Membership and have been asked to do so by the Membership Secretary.

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How much to pay

Your Annual Membership payment will be credited to your online booking account so you can use it to pay for peak-time play. The more you pay, the more hours you get.

Choose from:
£50.00 for 14 hours peak time play (equivalent of £3.57 per hour)
£25.00 for 6 hours peak time play (equivalent of £5.00 per hour)

How to pay-current members

If you are an existing member and wish to renew your membership, the simplest method is to log onto your online booking account at and top up your wallet online using a credit or debit card. Alternatively you can also pay online using your credit/debit card or your Paypal account, by online bank transfer (BACS), or by cheque following the instructions below.

How to pay-new and rejoining members

If you are a new member or are rejoining after your membership expired there are three ways to pay - Online using your credit/debit card or your Paypal account, by online bank transfer (BACS), or by cheque. We will credit the amount paid to your online booking account. Follow the instructions below to make payment using any of these alternative methods.

You will need your Alrewas Tennis Club membership number to make this payment. Your Membership Number is in the format ATCxxxxx and can be found at the top of your membership registration form, or in any emails that we send you about registration or renewal.

If you have any questions regarding your membership and/or payments, please email


Payment Methods

Online Payment using Credit/Debit card or PayPal account

To pay using this method, choose the amount you wish to pay, enter your Alrewas Tennis Club Membership number, and click on the "Buy Now" button. You will be taken to the PayPal site where you can make a secure online payment using either a credit/debit card or your PayPal account if you have one.

Please choose one amount to pay:
Your Membership Number


Online Bank Transfer

To pay using this method, log onto your online banking service and send us a payment of £50.00 or £25.00 using the following details:

Account Name: Alrewas Tennis Club
Sort Code: 30-71-98
Account Number: 50219460
Reference: Your Alrewas Tennis Club membership number.

Paying by Cheque

To pay using this method, send a cheque for £50.00 or £25.00 payable to Alrewas Tennis Club to:

Ann Wilkinson
Membership Secretary, Alrewas Tennis Club
44 Somerville Road
DE13 7EJ

Thank you for supporting Alrewas Tennis Club